Larry Frost, father of Nebraska football coach Scott Frost, has passed away | Local News

At Nebraska, he was the starting wingback on the 1969 Sun Bowl team.

“When I enrolled at Nebraska I probably thought, like most guys I suppose, that I was going to set the world on fire,’’ he told The World-Herald in 1969. “And there were times when I wished I had gone to a smaller school where I would have had the opportunity to play more.

“I would have to say without question or doubt that this year has made up for it all. Playing first string for a Big Eight championship team at Nebraska is all I ever could have dreamed. I wouldn’t trade it for four years of All-America at a smaller school.”

Before coaching his sons at Wood River, Larry’s career took them and his wife, 1968 Olympian Carol Moseke Frost, to six towns in Nebraska, Missouri and Texas.

At Palestine, Texas, where the Frosts lived from 1982 to 1985, Scott Frost said last year that his father got ridiculed and criticized and had his job threatened by some of the white men and boosters in town because he would go to a restaurant owned by a father of one of the Black players on his high school team.

“I learned the lesson that you have to do the right thing even when it’s not popular,” he said.

The Frosts came back to Nebraska, to McCook, to be closer to Larry’s mother after his father, Top Frost, died in 1985.

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