How COVID-19 Is Shaping This Season’s Champions League

It is no news that the world has been in both economic and health crises over the months. The cause of these crises is none other than the COVID-19 virus. While it is true that this virus affected the health sector immensely, it also did the same to sports. During the first hit, the entire world was at a standstill.

 Almost every sector froze as the pandemic hit harder. During this period, every sport across the nations was on hold too. For instance, the champions league or any local football match couldn’t go on a scheduled year. Multi triathlon in charge of all sporting events swimming, cycling, running, amongst others also got affected as these events couldn’t hold.

Impacts of the Coronavirus on Champions League and other sports

As explained above, this year saw its fair share of the pandemic and closure caused by the Coronavirus. The following are the significant impacts that the existence of the virus brought on sporting events across the nations: –

1.  Closed Doors Matches

The Champions League this year came in a new dimension due to the pandemic and lockdown rule that was enforced across the nations. In the early part of the year, when the virus recently hit the world, matches were still going on as scheduled. However, things changed when it looked like the virus had a firm grip on the planet. Hence, closed-door games started.

Closed doors matches are peculiar matches played without an audience or spectators around to watch the sport. Usually, games get played behind closed doors when the organization wishes to punish the teams not to sell their tickets. Another reason is due to health concerns.

This year, most games played within closed doors were due to the Coronavirus’s existence and its widespread effects globally. For instance, in the early parts of this year (February and March 2020), the Champions League and Europa League were played behind closed doors instead of the usual field where fans get tickets to watch and cheer their favourite club while they play.

Most of the 2020 major league for baseball was also played behind closed doors due to the spread of the virus. While it was a good thing that the games’ officials were cautious and concerned about their health and that of the supposed spectators, these actions have had negative impacts on their financial state.

The reason is that since there are no spectators to watch the games live from the field, there is no ticket fee. On the other hand, they make money from streaming sports events. However, the money gotten from that cannot be comparable to that of tickets.

2.  Postponement of Events

Another impact that the Coronavirus had on sports for this year is that it led to most sports events’ postponement. For games that could not be played behind closed doors, they got postponed. For instance, in England, the Football Association announced in the early part of the year that the sports events slated for that period would be delayed till May. UEFA also postponed her Euro 2020 till next year due to widespread the virus and constraints caused by the pandemic. Although the Champions League seems to have resumed, it was postponed during the early parts of the year until August.

3.  Sports activities got cancelled

For sports events that were not played behind closed doors nor postponed, they got cancelled. Therefore, this is another significant impact that the Coronavirus had in the sports industry. For instance, Marathons, golf events, ice hockey games, and other games got cancelled due to the fears of COVID.


Although the Champions League and many other sports events are gradually returning to life, caution is still being exercised to ensure that the virus does not spread. There are different online anmeldelser that helps to explain things concerning the Champions League further.