Has coronavirus affected the champions league

To say the coronavirus crippled the whole of 2020 would be a grave understatement as it affected the livelihood and economies of developed countries, virtually the country on the globe with most first world countries recording huge numbers of infection and deaths. The COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, a deadly epidemic that hasn’t been experienced for more than a century. This led to the shutdown of most economies, businesses, companies, sporting activities, and every sphere of human endeavor. The fear the virus has left in its wake is overwhelming as medical professionals were left dumbfounded at the debilitating nature of the pandemic. It would be safe to say most countries lost control of the virus as people were dying without any intervention. This is perhaps the worst experience in over 100 years. It is therefore, to this end that sportswear manufacturers like Reebok have since shut outlets in compliance with the COVID-19 regulations.

Coronavirus and Sports

The coronavirus led to the suspension of all sports leagues around and across Europe, Africa, America, Asia, and Australia. Most leagues were closed for months without a glimpse of the suspension being lifted due to the increasing number of cases being recorded on a daily basis. One of the most prestigious competitions in Europe and on the globe, The UEFA Champions League was suspended due to the ravaging impact of the virus. The competition was in the quarter-final phase with the first leg of the games already played. The competition resumed in August after restrictions on movement were lifted when most governments of the world began to control the coronavirus curve. But the competition did not live up to people’s expectations as players came back fatigue and fitness levels were at an unusual low as most clubs couldn’t practice and train for months. It is known that active fitness levels are attributed to constant and regular training. There was also the case of fans not allowed to stadiums to cheer their teams. This particularly made the game dull and cut out the fun that fans brought to the game.

Future for the Champions League

 Champions League football is one of the most anticipated football leagues in Europe as every team could ‘kill’ to be in the Champions League. Asides from the glory of being in the Champions League there is also the fact that clubs that participate are often given huge monetary rewards for being participants whether they were evicted at the group stage or at the knockout stage. Reading reviews from suomiarvostelut could help in determining how much people have missed being in stadiums to cheer their team to glory.

The Champions League consists of eight groups with each group consisting of 4 teams drawn from different leagues around Europe. The games at the group stage are played at home and away culminating with a total obtainable 18 points from six matches. And then two teams with the most points qualify from each of the eight groups. the next phase is normally called the knockout phase, here any team that loses cumulatively home and away is knocked out of the tournament. The first phase of the knockout rounds is the round of 16 consisting of sixteen qualifying teams from the different groups. These sixteen teams’ loggerheads together in search of a winner, the winner qualifies for the quarter-final, which is followed by the semi-final and final in the same knockout fashion. Another thing to note is that teams that fail to qualify for the knockout phase qualify automatically for the UEFA Europa League.

The coronavirus has changed the way football is being played and the champions leagues are no different. There are talks about the reduction in the amount given to each team due to the impact of the coronavirus as some of the chunks of the money made from the sale of tickets in stadiums are used to reward every participating team in the championship. The coming years would be tough for the game of football but as the virus disappears into oblivion, things would condense to normalcy. But as it stands now fans wouldn’t be allowed into stadiums to control the spread of the virus.

Resurgence of Coronavirus

 With the resurgence of COVID-19 cases in Europe, this has posed fresh challenges towards the continuation of the Champion League. Countries like the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands are soon plunging into a second lockdown. With most clubs announcing that their players have tested positive for coronavirus. Clubs like Bayern Munchen, Ajax, Real Madrid, Dynamo Kyiv, and a host of other teams are having their players down to the virus and to curtail the spread games may have to be suspended.