Guerin Emig: Asterisks in preseason top 25 show there’s no place for normalcy in college football right now | OU Sports Extra

Say Alabama, Georgia or Oklahoma jumps from 3, 4 or 5 into Ohio State’s No. 2 position. Are we going to stop comparing the Crimson Tide, Bulldogs or Sooners to the team Ryan Day would have rolled out had there not been a pandemic?

When December hits and assuming the Power 3 are still at it, are we going to stop imagining how Buckeyes quarterback Justin Fields would have reshaped the Heisman Trophy race?

When whatever College Football Playoff hits, what then? Say what you will about Clemson/SEC playoff superiority, it isn’t like the Big Ten and Pac-12 have missed the party every year.

And how is this supposed to work whenever the Big Ten and Pac-12 get around to staging their version of the season? How are AP voters supposed to slot teams then?

What does the Heisman Trust do, hand out two trophies? What does the CFP do, recognize twin champions?

Asked the CFP question Aug. 12, Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby responded: “Well, I think you ask a logical question whether either one of them is actually a champion.”

Exactly. There are thousands of logical questions with maybe tens of logical answers.

Not that anyone is to blame. The coronavirus is a daily phenomenon that does various measures of damage. It has skyrocketed our degrees of difficulty and frustration while draining our reservoirs of patience and understanding.

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