Annual Coweta vs. Wagoner football battle set to go on Sept. 4 | Sports

Expect the unexpected.

That’s how the annual Coweta vs. Wagoner football games have seemed to go in the last few years.

As one coach recently put it, “We hope to have more big, crazy plays than they do.”

It’s that kind of game and atmosphere. And, when you add the cloud of COVID-19 to the mix, just playing the game will be an accomplishment of preparation and social distancing when possible during workouts.

What are Coweta’s strengths? 

“Hopefully, we can stay away from the coronavirus,” Coweta coach Tim Harper said. “They’ve practiced and played hard. These are great kids.”

Last year, the Tigers almost overcame an early 36-point deficit. Coweta rallied with 27 point of their own before time ran out.

“I wished we had played 53 minutes (instead of the standard 48),” Harper said of needing more time to complete the rally. “They (Wagoner) are a great football team with a great coach and great tradition.”

This year’s game at Wagoner’s W.L. Odom Field on Sept. 4 at 7 p.m. will feature highly ranked teams in their respective classes.

The Tigers have been ranked as high as No. 6 in some 5A preseason polls. Wagoner has been No. 1 in most of the 4A polls.

“We’ve got more experience and team speed from last year,” Harper added. “We are trying to make things happen and get things moving in the right direction.”

Wagoner coach Dale Condict knows this may be one of Coweta’s best overall teams in a while.

“We respect them. We know we’ll have to play our best game,” Condict added. “This ball game will be a very good football game. The team that makes the fewest mental mistakes and turnovers should win.”

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