Football’s return to Alabama comes with hope and worry

Elwanda Tulloch

We’re less than two weeks away from college football in Alabama, and happiness and worry are competing in my brain to see which emotion can drain me of energy first.

This must be what it felt like for Missouri’s players after learning their two additional SEC opponents this season are Alabama and LSU. We all might be ground into bone dust, but isn’t this great?!

Take a deep breath, Alabama. (If you can do it without coughing.) The fortnight of truth is here. High school football games started on Thursday night (without testing!), and a full slate of games are scheduled for Friday. It looks like some (but not all) of the college football season might actually happen, too.

Be safe, everyone. Keep that mask above your nose. Don’t sit near the band, and maybe skip the line for concessions.

Isn’t it exhausting stuff having a love affair with sports

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