Freeport’s greatest basketball players No. 10: Brian Hildebrand ’ahead of his time’ – Sports – Rockford Register Star

Elwanda Tulloch

Thirty years ago, most 6-foot-7 small-town basketball players stayed in the paint.

Not Orangeville’s Brian Hildebrand.

“He was ahead of his time,” former Orangeville coach Brian Benning said. “He was so versatile with his range. That’s what caught the eye of the college scouts. He was silky smooth with the most beautiful shot you could ever envision. Just a beautiful textbook jump shot.

“He had great range and great touch around the basket as well as medium range and long range. We didn’t have him shoot many long-rangers. We didn’t need to, but, boy, he could.

“He could do pretty much everything, and he could do it very well. That was really uncommon for someone his size back in the late 1980s and early 90s. He was a pioneer. He would fit in today’s game even better than he did back then. His game traveled well. He could play inside,

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Time to clean house in the front office

Elwanda Tulloch

The Philadelphia 76ers need sweeping changes, not a simple change in coach.

The Philadelphia 76ers are coming off their most dramatically mediocre season yet. Despite a promising foundation and sky-high expectations, the Sixers managed to get swept over by a tidal wave of incompetence — a force large enough to potentially eviscerate the organization’s entire infrastructure.

Well known is the forthcoming demise of Brett Brown, who will likely need to look elsewhere for a job. But where the Sixers must also make change — and where we, the collective viewers of Philadelphia basketball, must encourage change — is in the front office. The Sixers desperately need new management.

Philadelphia has been change-averse from the beginning. It took league intervention to force Sam Hinkie out of the GM role — bad change — and it took a national embarrassment and subtweets from the team’s superstar for ownership to reluctantly accept Bryan

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