Loss for swimming as GEMS close shop

Elwanda Tulloch


Memories of an official chasing down a parent that had broken past the barrier while wildly cheering her five-year-old son on his debut swimming competition last year are still fresh in mind.

So are the tough battles among Adnan Kabuye, Ambala Atuhaire and Tendo Mukalazi, as they made further claims for places to represent Uganda at the 2019 Fina World Championships in Gwangju – South Korea.

Eventually, the latter two did but way after causing some steer on who was the most valuable swimmer of those Nationals.

Mukalazi had played the rules to his advantage – swimming in more events to accumulate more points and take the diadem even though Atuhaire had beaten him whenever they went head to head at GEMS Cambridge International School – Butabiika.

Such is the place GEMS had taken in Ugandan swimming since it opened its doors in 2013 – a high

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