California to Reopen Pools in Phase 3 As Soon as June 12

Elwanda Tulloch

California’s approach to reopening pools from the COVID-19 pandemic has largely been piecemeal, but as it enters Phase 3, a wider change could be coming.

The state last Friday laid out the framework for opening swimming pools in Phase 3 of its Resilience Roadmap by no sooner than this Friday, June 12. While not explicitly naming pools in many reports, the step includes reopening “higher-risk workplaces,” including “campgrounds, hotels, gyms, bars and museums.” Pools would likely open at diminished capacity and with increased safeguards in place. The state’s guidance on gyms parts out specific guidance for opening pools.

The specific openings will still be subject to county-by-county review of local conditions. From the San Jose Mercury News:

During a Friday press briefing, Gov. Gavin Newsom said the state will continue to provide guidance for “how” to reopen certain sectors of local economies, but it’s up to individual counties to

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