24 Great Kobe Bryant Stories to Read on 8/24

Elwanda Tulloch

Yesterday would have been Kobe Bryant’s 42nd birthday, and today is August 24th, the date that combines his two iconic jersey numbers. Bryant is being honored in several ways, from Nike’s release of Kobe-related items all week to Los Angeles and Orange Counties officially naming this “Kobe Bryant Day.” Over the past 20 years, Bryant has inspired countless thoughts and feelings, and thousands of sentences, about greatness, drive, fame, loneliness, and pain. Here are 24 excellent pieces of journalism about Bryant, covering him from as many angles as he was willing to show, and some others he tried to hide.

1. Kobe Bryant doesn’t want your love by Mike Sager for Esquire (2007)

Everyone has their favorite Kobe, or at least the part of his career they first think about when they hear his name. For me, it’s Kobe wandering through the wilderness, right before the Los Angeles Lakers traded

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