Minnesota quarterback Kirk Cousins’ dad calls out ‘platform’ of pro sports

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins‘ father, a Florida pastor, preached a message critical of the “platform that’s taking place” in professional sports in a sermon Sunday that is making the rounds on the internet.

In the sermon titled “Pt. 3 — Abide,” the Rev. Don Cousins, a pastor at Discovery Church in Orlando, ended his hour-long message by denouncing the secularization of Ivy League universities, history textbooks and the agenda of “most of the media, the arts and Hollywood.”

“If you’re at all tuned in to pro sports these days, and what’s unfolding there, you know the platform that’s taking place,” Mr. Cousins said. He did not describe the platform but noted, “Religion is being silenced as God is being removed from our culture.”

Liberal social media accounts pushed the remarks, which can be seen in a video on Discovery Church’s website, in light of comments his famous son made

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