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Elwanda Tulloch

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    Professional wrestling is the ultimate “what have you done for me lately” business. Unlike other sports, where perception, prestige and rankings are tied to a cumulative win-loss record, wrestling remains delightfully untethered from any such reality.

    Wrestling is the art of simulated fighting, yes. But it’s also much more, a modern parable capable of telling profound truths about love, loss, jealousy and evil. Wrestling is anything we want it to be, even things we’ve never even imagined it capable of.

    Wrestling is limitless.

    A hero one week can be forgotten the next. Even decades of truth wash away easily if you simply repeat the new story enough times on television.

    The nature of the business makes a list like this one difficult to execute. Things change, and they change quickly. Like other sports, wins matter—but unlike other sports, they aren’t the only mechanism

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