Dannevirke Badminton Club wins Packer Tournament

Elwanda Tulloch

The Dannevirke Sports Stadium on Saturday August 8 was a place of much exertion and sweat as adult pairs attempted to direct by means of pace and guile a small shuttlecock so that their opposition could not return it.

Yes, it was once again the Packer Tournament in which three clubs compete for the Packer Trophy in a doubles competition. The clubs are Feilding, Monrad from Palmerston North and Dannevirke and they have been competing for many years, having Pahiatua as a fourth member until the club folded.

It is a rather unusual tournament because you can compete for a club if you have played for it before, even if you belong to another now, so on tournament day a club is never quite sure how many players it has.

On the Saturday 16 men and 14 women competed, playing men’s and women’s doubles in the morning and mixed doubles

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