The Trailer: Markey got the memes. Will he get the win?

Elwanda Tulloch

“My interest in high-quality basketball shoes goes way back,” Markey said on a recent Saturday here, as he turned the corner toward his home. “We couldn’t afford Chucks, which were made by Converse. But they had a second store, where they’d sell anything that had a slight defect. So we could go over there when we were 10, with a buck, and go buy a pair.”

Markey, 74, began this Senate primary as a slight underdog, a journeyman liberal Democrat who never sought the national spotlight. Rep. Joe Kennedy, 39, had been talked up as a future leader for the party for much of his adult life, and in September 2019, he announced a challenge to Markey by saying it was “not the time for waiting” or for “playing by rules that don’t work anymore.” Voters had no problem with Markey, according to the polls; they just didn’t think much

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