‘An icon’: Mike Tilleman, Hi-Line football legend and former NFL star, dies at 76 | University of Montana Grizzlies

“We’re not here without him,” third-year MSU-Northern coach Andrew Rolin told 406mtsports.com with a heavy heart on Friday. “I’ve got a lot of gratitude for what he’s done.

Rolin said Tilleman was the first community member he met when interviewing for the job two years ago.

“And for very good reason,” he said. “He was an icon not just in Havre but the entire Hi-Line. There’s no Northern football without the Tillemans, and without Mike Tilleman specifically. He had a huge impact on a lot of lives in this area.”

Rolin, who said he hopes to honor Tilleman again in the spring when the Lights return to action on the field, added: “The guy, you could tell he just loves football. And I think he just really appreciated those who have the love of the game he did. He was a winner, a guy who wanted to win in

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Juventus Soccer Legend Alessandro Del Piero On Life After Playing, Investing And World Cup Penalties

Elwanda Tulloch

“Do we have three or four hours so I can tell you what happened in that 35, 40 seconds?”

I have just asked Alessandro Del Piero, the legendary former Juventus and Italy forward, what was going through his head as he stepped up to take a penalty in the 2006 World Cup final shootout.

“That walk from the middle of the field until the penalty area is a looong walk. You try to concentrate but a lot of things come into your mind. I mean, it’s the most important moment in your life,” Del Piero, who scored a record 289 goals in 705 appearances for Juventus, tells me in an exclusive interview.

“That heavy weight, I tried to convert

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