Carmelo Anthony Matters Again. But He’s Still Not the Player You Want Him To Be.

Elwanda Tulloch

Over the past few years, as Carmelo Anthony bounced from team to team while fighting a two-front battle against physical decline and an analytical movement that frowned at his high-risk, low-reward shot selection, arguments about his fit in the modern NBA started to grow. But this season, Anthony has found a starting role on the Portland Trail Blazers that’s become even more important in the bubble.

This has led to various claims that Melo has “proven the haters wrong.” But while it’s true that Melo has found vindication with the Blazers, he hasn’t entirely shed his old identity—instead, he’s hit on a blend between the iso monster he used to be, and the more selfless player many wished he’d become.

That latter version has always been known as “Olympic Melo,” so-called because Anthony is Team USA’s career leader in points and rebounds, and once needed just 14 minutes to score

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