The Week That Was: Iowa Cuts Swimming & Diving; NCAA Approves Extra Year of Eligibility For Division I Fall Sports

Elwanda Tulloch

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The University of Iowa made the startling decision to cut its swimming and diving programs this week in the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to ravish the United States. Swimming World has since called for the 2021 Men’s NCAA swimming and diving championships to be moved from Iowa City to a location where swimming & diving will be supported.

The NCAA has approved an extra year of eligibility for Division I athletes in fall sports that have had their seasons affected by COVID-19 out of their control.

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The Week That Was #5: Anthony Nesty Named Member of SEC Council on Racial Equality & Social Justice


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By Andy Ross

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Guerin Emig: Asterisks in preseason top 25 show there’s no place for normalcy in college football right now | OU Sports Extra

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Say Alabama, Georgia or Oklahoma jumps from 3, 4 or 5 into Ohio State’s No. 2 position. Are we going to stop comparing the Crimson Tide, Bulldogs or Sooners to the team Ryan Day would have rolled out had there not been a pandemic?

When December hits and assuming the Power 3 are still at it, are we going to stop imagining how Buckeyes quarterback Justin Fields would have reshaped the Heisman Trophy race?

When whatever College Football Playoff hits, what then? Say what you will about Clemson/SEC playoff superiority, it isn’t like the Big Ten and Pac-12 have missed the party every year.

And how is this supposed to work whenever the Big Ten and Pac-12 get around to staging their version of the season? How are AP voters supposed to slot teams then?

What does the Heisman Trust do, hand out two trophies? What does the CFP do,

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OSU football analysis: Breaking down stats of the previous College Football Playoff quarterbacks as a benchmark for Spencer Sanders | OSU Sports Extra

Elwanda Tulloch

Recent CFP quarterback comparisons

2020 Playoff 

Joe Burrow (LSU): 402-527 (76.3%); 5,671 yds; 60 TD; 6 INT

Rushing: 115 att; 368 yds; 5 TD

Jalen Hurts (OU): 237-340 (69.7%); 3,851 yds; 32 TD; 8 INT

Rushing: 233 att; 1,298 yds; 20 TD

Trevor Lawrence (Clemson): 268-407 (65.8%); 3,665 yds; 36 TD; 8 INT

Rushing: 103 att; 563 yds; 9 TD

Justin Fields (Ohio St.): 238-354 (67.2%); 3,273 yds; 41 TD; 3 INT

Rushing: 137 att; 484 yds; 10 TD


Lawrence (Clemson): 259-397 (65.2%); 3,280 yds; 30 TD; 4 INT

Rushing: 60 att; 177 yds; 1 TD

Ian Book (Notre Dame): 214-314 (68.2%); 2,628 yds; 19 TD; 7 INT

Rushing: 95 att; 280 yds; 4 TD

Tua Tagovailoa (Alabama): 245-355 (69%); 3,966 yds; 43 TD; 6 INT

Rushing: 57 att; 190 yds; 5 TD

Kyler Murray (OU): 260-377 (69%); 4,361 yds; 42 TD; 7 INT

Rushing: 140 att; 1,001 yds;

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