Inside Wright Thompson’s First Dive Into the World of Podcasting

Elwanda Tulloch

Wright Thompson is a well-known name in the sports media landscape. Some may know his various longform magazine pieces, others his work on ESPN’s 30 For 30 series. Thompson’s career spans two decades, and much of his notoriety stems from his feature writing on the Worldwide Leader of Sports platform.

But what no one knows Wright Thompson for is podcasting. That will now change, as he’s teamed up with ESPN and Pineapple Street Studios to make Bloodlines, a three-episode podcast. The project documents the history of the horse racing business and examines a troubling trend of thoroughbred deaths in Santa Anita, California. Thompson has done a lot in his 20-year career as a journalist, but never a podcast.

What drew him to the audio medium? The natural curiosity that has driven Thompson in his journalism career, and a desire to not be the old dog who can’t learn new tricks.

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