Time to clean house in the front office

Elwanda Tulloch

The Philadelphia 76ers need sweeping changes, not a simple change in coach.

The Philadelphia 76ers are coming off their most dramatically mediocre season yet. Despite a promising foundation and sky-high expectations, the Sixers managed to get swept over by a tidal wave of incompetence — a force large enough to potentially eviscerate the organization’s entire infrastructure.

Well known is the forthcoming demise of Brett Brown, who will likely need to look elsewhere for a job. But where the Sixers must also make change — and where we, the collective viewers of Philadelphia basketball, must encourage change — is in the front office. The Sixers desperately need new management.

Philadelphia has been change-averse from the beginning. It took league intervention to force Sam Hinkie out of the GM role — bad change — and it took a national embarrassment and subtweets from the team’s superstar for ownership to reluctantly accept Bryan

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